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Genco Real Estate Company, one of the “Genco Group” companies and one of the most prominent leading companies in the field of real estate development, announced the launch of a new project to build a residential tower according to the latest developments in its architectural creativity in the Business Bay area, and it is called “Vibe.”
Through this unique project, Genco Real Estate Company seeks to present a distinct modern vision of the concept of high-end living in the heart of the Business Bay area in Dubai, as the “Vibe” project will provide the opportunity to own luxury residences at attractive prices starting from only 1.2 million dirhams, thus representing a landmark of luxury and sophistication. reasonable prices.
Lovers of luxury and sophistication will have a golden opportunity to purchase distinctive residences within a prominent landmark of the real estate scene in Dubai, in the best locations and according to the highest standards that guarantee the finest lifestyles. The pricing strategy, which starts at 1.2 million dirhams, confirms Genco Real Estate’s firm commitment to providing residential units at unbeatable prices to its distinguished customers.
Mr. Masoud Ghayath, Executive Director of Genco Real Estate, expressed his happiness and pride in launching the “VIBE” project in the Business Bay area, which represents clear evidence of the company’s continued commitment to creating distinguished properties that offer new concepts of luxury at distinctive prices.
He added: “Through the Vibe project, we aim to provide a wonderful oasis of beauty within the vibrant heart of Dubai, as the new project will provide an opportunity to experience a life of luxury, comfort and luxury together, at an attractive price. “Vibe” Tower will not be just a construction project, but rather a living embodiment of the dreams and aspirations of our customers, and this is in line with Genco Real Estate’s strategy aimed at providing life experiences that exceed all expectations.”
Each residential unit in Vibe Tower represents a harmonious blend of aesthetic designs that meet the realistic requirements of the owners, as it includes carefully designed apartments, some with one bedroom and some with two. The tower’s architectural prowess is an extension of the city’s global appeal. In addition to all these features, Vibe Tower offers a flexible payment plan designed to make it easier for owners, which consists of paying 40% of the value of the apartment during the construction phase and paying the remaining value (60%) upon receipt, which ensures the provision of a suitable investment opportunity for investors and residents alike.
In addition to providing ideal housing, the “Vibe” project embodies the highest meanings of luxury and comfort at the same time, ensuring an upscale living style and equipped with the best amenities compatible with the standards of contemporary urban life, as the project combines luxury and well-being through the advanced fitness facilities and spaces it offers. Tranquil relaxation, luxurious rooftop lounges and lively social clubs. The project is expected to be delivered in September 2025, giving investors, buyers and those seeking affordable luxury the opportunity to explore this unrivaled offer.

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